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MANHATTAN AND JERSEY SHORE - LIVE IN DOMESTIC COUPLE Looking for an excellent fun upbeat couple who love to cook beautifully and ensure the household and property is completely spotlessly clean, well maintained, and running efficiently. You will be expected to take over the running of the estate in a hands-on manner for this small'ish family (with visiting grandchildren) on special occasions which make for a busy time. Looking for an excellent cook and the ability to interact with vendors and exhibit discretion, patience, common-sense and a keen eye for detail in the thorough managing of maintenance and preventative care in a preemptive manner. You will be relied upon to take care of all aspects inclusive of laundry, bed making and ensuring you really have this property and the NYC home cared for as you will be going in between the two. Must have handyman and maintenance skills, Excellent cooking skills, Must drive Have the ability to work in the US All hands on housekeeping Laundry & ironing - wardrobe care Have common sense and the discerning ability to problem solve. Must enjoy children as the grandkids are part of every possible holiday and family gathering.

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