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ON-PROPERTY HOUSE COUPLE (combo, housekeeper + chef/cook)

DOMESTIC HOUSE COUPLE - ON PROPERTY Looking for a dynamic and energetic, experienced live-in couple with strong cooking or chef skills and thorough cleaning/housekeeping skills. This is a beautiful property with rare one of a kind pieces of art and collectibles where the housekeeping and laundry experience must be top-notch. Additionally, the cooking and chef skills must be at a high degree of competency with excellent cooking abilities ( the salary will be negotiable based upon your abilities and experience as a chef) Must be creative with the ability to prepare for large and small gatherings, source great ingredients and plan menus. The property has an organic garden and green house so you will have access to fresh planted ingredients and plan the planting of the garden based upon your ingredient profiles. You will be part of a great team of staff members. During summer months you must transition to the Hampton's property to work there as it is the busy time for the small family with entertaining and guests. Looking for an immediate hire after a successful work trial Looking for excellent skills and references along with a third-party background review Must be upbeat with a "can-do" energetic attitude to work hard at establishing your long term working relationship within the family household and staffing structure Your experience as a chef or an educated culinary professional will positively impact your annual salary Must be fully versed in the pristine, guest-ready impeccable care of a beautifully appointed estate inclusive of bed making and laundry and closet/wardrobe care.

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