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Must have a pure affinity and love of dogs, caring for them in every regard needed and ensuring they are well cared for and secure, walked and treated with the care for their security and comfort. You are responsible for sitting, feeding, walking and picking up after so your unwavering love for dogs is the premise for your consideration. You will at times be tasked with caring for them overnight in which your time will be compensated accordingly as overtime. BUT, this is one part of the duties for a top-notch Housekeeper with excellent experience, great references and a super personality in every regard of caring not only for ensuring you perform your tasks with care and to a high degree of excellence but also to be ever-mindful in the manner of care you have for the well being of animals...this is a family member. Is there a Dog Walker out there who has, within their career path, been within a prominent estate as the Housekeeper ? We want to meet you....or, a great housekeeper with energy a devotion to bring your beautiful skills and experience to this post. Either way, you will have an excellent job within this lovely family if you are trustworthy and know well what is involved in the care of dogs in clearly this will be required along with the impeccable care of a beautiful home.

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