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Busy household with active professional principals requires a top-notch HANDS-ON, EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER to manage all things within their household, liaising and coordinating all vendors/staff members and coordinating schedules and rotations with Hampton's staff along with NYC staff. Arranging for contractors and maintenance and ensure that within a hands-on capacity you manage and care for the seamless oversight of all matters pertaining to a smooth running, pristine clean, museum quality household. Inclusive of; Laundry, One of a kind garment care, wardrobe care, seasonal rotation, ironing/steaming/pressing Attention to stains - knowledge of Haute-couture garments in delicate management, basic/light mending Packing and unpacking Formal and Informal service, event planning and management All respectful acknowledgement of valuable and rare items -museum quality cleaning and handling Liaise with all vendors All management of communication with business associates, maintenance, contractors and vendors, family & friends Scheduling of meetings when necessary Must be Dog friendly - walk on occasion, arrange Vet appointments, liaise with Dog Walker/Groomer, oversee administration of Meds when required (there is outside vendors for this but must be comfortable and non-allergic to dogs and completely comfortable around them) Ability to reconcile expenses, seamlessly use the computer Stocking and supplies, inventory management and accountability Former high profile experience within a finely appointed home with upholding verifiable references Valid Driver's Licence and submit to a Background Check

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