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EXECUTIVE LEVEL PERSONAL ASSISTANT - NYC We are looking for a very special and unique professional for this post. Must be in NYC and readily flexible to move with the flow of the day and the demands of a highly rigorous and ever-changing day where you will be tasked with a broad range of requests calling upon your creative, resourceful experience and ingenuity and full-luxury level mindedness to enact the expectations required within the position - this is a very chic yet understated globally plugged-in philanthropist. You must be able to exhibit your experience within the luxury realm of bespoke brands and being well-traveled. You will be tapped for your seamless knowledge in responding to correspondence within business involvements to creative involvements, to planning exotic parties and to also ensuring the responsible staff at various properties are fulfilling their duties in keeping with the set goals and project timelines. From start to finish the day will be a bit of a roller-coaster that requires your unflappable sense of organization and structure. Additionally, your flexibility and enjoyment of travel, being part of an ever-changing and somewhat unpredictable type of day will be to your advantage and add to your success...the one sure thing is that the day will call upon your diverse skills to create the necessary problem solving, secure right-arm support and the unwavering attention to detail to bring about structure. Making timelines and schedules toward project completion is key along with your organic sense of filtering through the volume of emails and determining the importance and prioritizing necessary projects and inquiries to keep moving forward. You will need to be an astute, diplomatic gatekeeper and have the willingness to liaise with friends and family with full consideration of the striking a balance. The usual daily tasks of scheduling, appointments, reviewing proposals and coordinating top tier professionals within the various fields to complete various jobs is key. Total discretion, confidentiality, security minded, energetic and highly aware of the current cultural and civic mindedness is key. Degree in Business preferred

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