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FRENCH SPEAKING - NANNY - LIVE-IN, SUNDAY TO FRIDAY This small professional family is looking for a very NYC savvy, energetic, extremely mindful and thorough Nanny/Young Teen companion and mentor really, to set guidelines and establish social awareness and boundaries. The parents are keenly looking for a great role model for their young sons who will set guidelines and impress good values of respect, follow-through, cleanliness, discipline and remind them of their obligations of maintaining cleanliness and tidy rooms and completing homework and projects. There is too much phone time so this needs to be gently but firmly monitored to establish healthy parameters with usage and diverting attention toward constructive interests. Candidates must be free to travel internationally on all major holidays and be very plugged in to the social and cultural aspects of being within NYC - engaging the children in all activities of cultural, social, board games, play dates, scheduling and athletic interests. Looking for an active candidate who loves cooking and will actively participate in getting the children ready in the morning to get to school, ensuring school-work in completed and correct, tidying up their rooms and laundry, family errands while they are at school and preparing snacks and a light dinner on occasion. There is a little dog that will require your attention to zip him out for a walk as well. This really is a full-on Nanny and Family Assistant post looking for a can-do happy bright candidate who meshes within the fabric of this high-active good family and wants to be their trusted right-arm reliable assistant caring for them in areas of filling the gaps and voids in their busy days. Please know when applying; -You must be able to live-in from Sunday night to Friday -You will be expected to travel internationally so valid passport at the ready -Must be very structured in your care of young teens so as to instill values and gentle firm disciple and social consciousness/awareness. -Love to cook -Want to immerse yourself within this fabulous fun and energized active family -Love dogs -Must be NYC savvy and plugged in to all the various activities

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