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EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER / LADY'S MAID This is a wonderful job for a truly experienced and caring professional who may be looking to relocate or is currently in the San Antonio area and looking for a lovely family to stay with for a long time. The family has enjoyed long term commitments from their highly valued and cherished employees = you must be conscientious and approaching this post with the openness of being in place for the long term and ALWAYS willing to attain the highest level of job completion. Your experience within all aspects of caring for a finely appointed estate will call upon your exceptional level of organization, pristine care of luxury items and attention to detail. You must have a minimum of 5 years transitional experience with excellent reference and a clear background to support your candidacy. The household requires your beautiful handling of delicate linens, all laundry, bed changing and ensuring all the rooms are pristine and the entire household is Guest-ready at all times in every area ...although this family does not entertain frequently they are always welcoming guests and will need for you to be on your tip top best attention to all matters important to the smooth running assurances of a fine household. Your immaculate care of china, glassware, wardrobe + closet care/seasonal rotation of valuable items and proper storage, the hand-laundering of delicate items and the use of a Manger machine for all sheets and proper bed making, table service/ assisting the Chef and all clean up and care of appliances and overall care. Polishing silver and the great attention to inventory and establishing schedules and rotations to care for the deep cleaning along with the day-to-day assurances of a fully clean household top to bottom. San Antonio is a beautiful sophisticated "big-little" city with access to cultural and points of interest. There is ready access to all organic sourcing of supplies for high-level stocking + provisioning of items necessary to perform your duties. The family will consider relocation expenses if you are a viable candidate looking to make San Antonio you next long term HOME...within this they will supply 3 months worth of housing so you can readily immerse within the needs of the position to see that you are a good fit. You must bring to the opportunity your sincerity and good disposition along with an exceptional aptitude/attitude and desire to be of service with an impeccable work ethic and a true desire to be part of this lovely team of professionals. Your attention to detail and your heightened level of job knowledge and performance is key and a MUST.

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