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LIVE IN or LIVE-OUT HOUSEMAN Responsible for all mechanical, maintenance, caretaking aspects of a well appointed property. Must work weekends You will be responsible for the pristine care of this lovely property to ensure smooth running maintenance and care in every area. Familiar with smart home technology, intricate heating and cooling systems, pools, tennis courts, lighting, and sound, security systems and mechanical systems. Must be handy in a manner of light electrical, light construction - vendor relations, cost control, ordering supplies and the oversight of vendors and contractors to ensure care when working on projects - project manage. You will be asked to interact with all contractors and have existing vendor relations for the support of a high profile estate. Must be highly technical and mechanical. Former 5 years of experience within a high profile estate and grounds exhibiting Your ability to manage detailed systems and care for the upkeep of a major household. Must submit a resume Must be looking for a long term post Must be legal to work in the US A thorough background search will be conducted by the family Verifiable references Must drive Job starts right away Must be flexible and a team-player NOTE : MUST WORK ON WEEKENDS + HOLIDAYS

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